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Here are pictures showing the assembly of the paint booth, plenum, and fan support...

Paint Booth - Assembly
Assembly of each of the five panels is underway.  The material is 1"x2" firing strips.  I did the assembly with yellow wood glue and one dry-wall type screws per joint.  I did pre-drill to avoid splitting the firing strips. 

The resulting panels are very light weight and quite rigid.  I have assembled and disassembled my booth many times, and the frames are still in great shape.

Here I am drilling the holes for the 1/4" bolts that bolt the frames together.  I am using a drilling guide to quickly ensure the holes are centered and square with the frame.

Detail of how the end panels mate with the side panels.

The plenum assembly is underway.  The material is only 1/8" Masonite, but the final assembly is very strong and rigid, but also very light weight for easy handling and storage.

Assembly starts by gluing 1/2"x1/2" strips on either side of where the baffles will go, spaced by the thickness of the Masonite.  Then the baffles are glued between the top and bottom.

The top and bottom are then glued into place.

The 1x4 mating shroud is glued into place.  This mates with the fan unit with a slip fit.

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The 1x2 booth mating strips are glued into place.  This flange mates with the back end of the spray booth with bolts.

The plenum mated with the spray booth and fan unit.

The completed spray booth with the clear plastic taped to each of the panels.  I used double sided carpet tape on each of the 1x2's, as well as duct tape on the outer edges.  The carpet tape was expensive and  unnecessary.  The duct tape alone works just fine.

Note the bank for florescent lights mounted above the booth.  These give even, bright lighting necessary when spraying.  By keeping these on the outside of the booth, explosion proof sealed fixtures are not required - a benefit of using clear plastic for the wall covering.

The spray booth in use.  Note the overspray dust has been collected primarily on the outlet filters - the system works very well!


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