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I use automotive paints for painting my rockets.  In particular, I use House of Kolor paints. These paints are targeted at the custom motorcycle and hot rod market, and the colors are spectacular. The coverage, quality, and fast curing times make these paints wonderful to use.  House of Kolor paints are available at local automotive paint stores

When using these paints, safety has to bee the primary concern.  A pint booth anc appropriate safety equipment is required to use these paints safely, and well as getting professional quality results.

My first paint booth was made from sheet plastic fastened over a PVC pipe frame and was open on one side.  The PVC was not very ridged, and being open on one side, bugs and dust inevitably settled into the paint.

It was time to build a new paint booth. It had to fit in my garage, and be easy to put up and take down when not in use (I like to park my car in the garage when not painting). It had to be completely sealed and filter the air at the inlet, and collect the paint particles in filters at the outlet.  A search of the Internet came up with the following:

The idea of making a frame from 1x2's was a good one - much better than PVC pipe.

Below are links to my paint booth design...
Paint Booth
Spray Booth Design
Here are the design drawings for the paint booth...more

Ventilation Design
Here is the design of the fan/airflow system...more
Here is the overview of the paint booth assembly process...more

Supplied Air System
Here are details on the air system...more
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