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IMU Project
To test the flight dynamics model, I need to measure 3 degrees of rotation and three degrees of relative position of the rocket.  This is a project to build a 6 degree-of-freedom Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)...more

I use commercially available rocketry electronics for most of my flying.  But I also enjoy developing electronics and programming and combining that with rocketry.  This section contains information about the commercial electronics I use as well as an electronics project I have started based on the popular Arduino platform.

My choice of electronics is based upon three criteria - functionality, reliability, and ease of use.  All three are important.  I have found the choices below meet these criteria - they do what I need, and they just work.  That's not to say that other electronics might work just as well, but I have been very please with these, and I have stuck with them.

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RAF Research AL-016 High Speed Data Logger
Photo courtesy of RAF Reasearch
RAF Data Logger

The RAF Research
Data Logger is a commercially available board that has a 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope developed for the high power market ...more

BigRedBee Beeline GPS

The commercially available BigRedBee Beeline GPS can be used to track the location of the rocket in both realtime, as well as stored data on onboard memory...more

BigRedBee Beeline GPS
Photo courtesy of BigRedBee
PerfectFlite StratoLogger

The PerfecFlite
Stratologger is a commercially available barometric altimeter that is used for drogue/main parachute deployment...more  

Photo courtesy of PerfectFlite